Other School Programs

Vocal Program

30-60 minute vocal lessons / Instruction rate: $23.00+HST/30 minutes

A bit about the Vocal Program.........

Due to the popularity of Act One's Musical Theatre Vocal Instructor, Michelle Morrow, with her students, Act One was asked about the possibility of Michelle offering private vocal lessons to help individual students further their vocal training. As a result of these requests, in 2008-09, Act One arranged for Michelle to offer private 1/2 hour vocal lessons for Act One students. Act One continues to help Michelle offer this program again this year.

Lesson timies are available most days of the week. Some are held here at the school, while others at Michelle's home in Ajax (5 min drive from school location). Lessons typically start in September and run to June. Students can begin at any point during the year however. Lessons outside of this period must be arranged directly with Michelle.

Performance Opportunities: In line with Act One's philosophy of developing student performance experience, vocal students have multiple opportunities throughout the year to perform songs of their choosing. These include dedicated vocal recitals, as well as the ability to sing in many of Act One's regualr student performance events.

Lesson Cancellation Policy: Act One and Michelle understand that today's lifestyles can be hectic and unexpected scheduling conflicts will arise from time to time. We try to be as flexible as possible but in fairness to Michelle we have set a minimum 24hr advance notice deadline on notifying Michelle that a student will not be available for a regularly scheduled lesson. Students or their families notifying Michelle by e-mail or text, at least 24 hours in advance, that they will have to miss a lesson, will not be charged for that time. Notification later than that, or failure to notify Michelle at all, may result in the student being charged for the lesson time, even if absent. We have tried to balance the needs of students with fairness for the instructor. We hope you can agree with this.

Please contact the school to inquire about currently available lesson days/times or if you have any other questions.

Learn more about Michelle.....

Personal / Audition Coaching

For those looking for more personalized or specific assistance, whether long term or last-minute, we offer one-to-one coaching for targetted training programs and/or one-off audition preparation.

A bit about Act One Personal Coaching........

IAct One also offers more personalized individual and small group coaching for novices and experienced actors alike, regardless of age. Whether you have an upcoming audition you wish to be better prepared for, are seeking further insight and performance enhancement for a theatrical role you are currently cast in or simply looking for some pointers and assistance in presenting a short piece in the upcoming company "variety show", Act One's instructors can help via last-minute one-off sessions, all the way to a formally-mapped out personal coaching strategy, over a series of weeks or months.

Just as importantly, we strive to coach in an enjoyable and comfortable manner, adapted to each student's individual personality, style and needs. We can provide assistance in audition techniques and strategies, monologue selection and presentation, character and role development for upcoming or existing productions, voice and movement work for Musical Theatre, or just more individual drama and acting instruction for those who prefer a more personalized atmosphere or can not commit to a fixed weekly class schedule.

Examples of situations which can benefit from Personal Coaching:


Personal Coaching Fee Schedule
Note: Please add 13% HST
Session Activity Duration Rate Common # Of Sessions Required
Personal/Audition Coaching
(Individual Act One student)
60 mins $22.00/hr Audition Coaching: 3-4
Personal Coaching: Student-Specific
Personal/Audition Coaching
(Individual Non-Act One student 18 and under)
60 mins $25.00/hr Audition Coaching: 3-4
Personal Coaching: Student-Specific
Personal/Audition Coaching
(Individual Adult 19+)
60 mins $30.00 Audition Coaching: 3-4
Personal Coaching: Student-Specific)
Multi-Person Coaching N/A +$10.00 Cost/hr for each additonal participant
Up to a maximum of four participants


[1]. All rates based on instruction taking place at Act One's facility. Off-site instruction also available.

[2]. Coaching Sessions must be minimim 30 minutes and made longer in minimum 30 minute increments.


Arts-Focused High School Audition Assistance

Over the years we have helped many students prepare for their drama and vocal auditions. We are familiar with all the arts-focused high schools serving the Durham Region.

A bit about the program..........

This program has evolved out of our more general Personal Coaching activities and the many young performers we have helped over the years..

Every December to February a wide range of young actors contact the school seeking assistance and guidance on how to prepare for the annual entrance auditions that most of the public and catholic school board arts-focused high schools (ie O'Neill Collegiate and All Saints for Durham Region, Wexford and Cardinal Carter for Eastern GTA) now require. Additionally we are also aware that many talented eighth grade performers never pursue their desires to attend these high schools, simply because they lack the confidence to audition or are uncertain about how to go about it.

Act One has always strived to help young performers better realize their potential. It is for this reason that we have refined this program to better align the coaching process with the specific needs of Grade Eight students and the demands and unique time lines of the various high schools

We can offer one-on-one coaching and audition preparation to any young performer looking for assistance with monologue and/or vocal (ie song) presentation (Please note that we currently can not assist with any musical instrument or dance preparation). Each program is customized to the unique needs and desires of the individual student.

Specific areas of assistance available are:

Programs are customized for each student, based on their goals and requirements but in general, for monologues, they will entail 3-4 one-hour coaching sessions (the fourth one is typically optional and it is left to the student to decide if they need it), that take place over the 3-4 weeks leading up to the student's audition date.

For vocal/singing assistance, the number of lessons required will often vary depending upon the individual student's previous vocal experience and their song selection. In general, a similar 3-4 thirty-minute lessons are usually the minimum but Michelle Morrow (the vocal instructor) will review this with the student and their family after the first lesson.

Can we guarantee that a student will be selected for entrance to a high school after we help them with their audition? The answer is no. To say otherwise is to be dishonest. What we can say with confidence is that the student will go into their audition with the necessary understanding, advance preparation and belief in themselves to do the best they can to make the most positive impression possible.

For more information or to discuss scheduling sessions, please contact the school.

Audition Preparation Fee Schedule
Note: Please add 13% HST
Session Activity Duration Rate Avg # Of Sessions Required
Monologue Coaching
(Act One student)
60 mins $22.00/hr 3-4
Monologue Coaching
(non-Act One student)
60 mins $25.00/hr 3-4
Vocal Coaching 30 mins $23.00 / 30 mins 3+ (depends on student / song)


Facility Rental

Our facility offers a fully equipped stage with computerized sound, lighting and video projection cababilities and can seat up to 100 guests.

About our performance facility...........

While our performance space is an integral part of our training programs. Whenever possible however, we do try to make it available to other groups and organizations looking for an inexpensive, fully equipped, stage and performance space in the local Pickering-Ajax area. Our facility can provide an intimate space for audiences ranging up to 100 patrons.

Our performance studio is suitable for and equipped to support a variety of activities and events such as:

  • Children's Theatre Productions
  • Community or other Local Independent Theatre Productions
  • Charity or other Fundraising Events
  • School or Organizational Talent Shows
  • Public or private meetings or presentations
  • Comedy, Improvisation and other entertainment events
  • New Play / Original Works development and workshopping

Important Notice: Please be aware that due to insurance limitations we are unable to accept facility rentals for any event where patrons will not be seated during the majority of the event (ie. Rock band concerts or dance parties, etc). Musical performances that are part of events such as talent shows, formal recitals and fund raisers are exempt from the above. If in doubt, please call the school for clarification.

Facility Availability for 2020
Day Sept to June July to August
Monday N/A 6:30pm onward
Tuesday 7:30am to 4:00pm 10:00am to 4:00pm
6:30pm onward
Wednesday N/A 6:30pm onward
Thursday 7:30am to 4:00pm 10:00am to 4:00pm
6:30pm onward
Friday 4:00pm onward 6:30pm onward
Saturday 5:00pm onward All day
Sunday N/A All day
[1]. Some specific days may be unavailable due to school events.
[2].Time ranges include any required set-up/strike time.

Here's What Our Performance Facility Can Offer.......

22 Ft Deep x 27 Ft Wide Performance Stage

Stage is raised and .procenium style.

68 Ft x 27 Ft Main Studio

100 person audience capacity. Folding seating available.

20 Ft x 14 Ft Reception Area

Includes fixed FOH Board and audio/video display capability.

Fully-Equiped Stage Booth

Includes computerized lighting and sound.

Backstage Area

Includes props and costume staging area as well as rear loading/unloading doors.

Large Collection of Stage Lights

School inventory includes over 50 Leko, Source 4, Fresnel and Pars instruments, on 48 circuit lighting grid.

Programmable Lighting Functionality 

School employs a 2x24 channel ETC Idea24 Lighting Board 

Programmable Sound Operation

School utilizes Show Cue Systems Automated Performance Sound Software 

Large Screen Video Presentation

School utilizies a Panasonic Ax-200U HD Projector in combination witha 135-inch HD Projection Screen.

Portable Tables

School has three 8 Ft x 3 Ft folding tables available. Event hosts are welcome to bring any additional tables. etc required.

Facility Rental Rates for 2020
Category Description Rate
Standard Booking on a per hour basis $45.00/Hr
Evening Event 4 or more continuous hours on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening. $40.00/Hr
Weekday Daytime Event 4 or more continuous hours between 7:30am to 4:00pm on a weekday $35.00/Hr
Multiple Day/Night Booking Booking 2 or more days/evenings of 4+ hours each Negotiable [2]
Technician Involvement To authorize the on-site technician to provide extra set-up and/or technical assistance during the event $15.00/Hr [3]
Dedicated Technician Support Provision of a dedicated technician to be available 100% to the event during the contracted time period. $30.00/Hr [4]
[1].Rates quoted above are exclusive of 13%HST
[2].Actual rate dependent upon event duration and requirements.
[3]. Please note that this rate does not guarantee the technician will be 100% available to the producition. Their facility supervisory and maintenance responsibilities will still take priority
[4]. Maximum 8 hours in one day.