Act One Update

Act One 2020 Theatre Summer Camp : Changes To and Status Of the Program

Posted: July 31, 2020.

In accordance with the Province of Ontario state of emergency guidelines and to do its part to combat the current pandemic, Act One suspended all programs, effective March 18th. Recently, as the province has begun to reopen, the provincial government announced its approval for summer day camps to reopen, effective July 1st, subject to published guidelines for their operation this summer. Act One sought and received confirmation that its Theatre Summer Camp program did qualify as a "day camp" under the announcement parameters. Originally, Act One had planned to offer all four planned camp sessions for this summer. Last minute circumstances outside of our control made it impossible for us to run our two July sessions (Session I and II). We have however been able to adapt our camp format and plans to address these remaining challenges and are happy to announce that our two August sessions (Session III and IV) can proceed as planned. This announcement outlines the key changes we have had to make to ensure compliance with Durham Region Health guidelines and other factors that have been impacted by the pandemic.

Camp Format Changes

After a thorough review of the day camp guidelines published by the Ontario Ministry of Health, we have had to make a number of modifications to the camp format. While this does allow us to offer a theatre camp experience this summer, it does have some unfortunate implications.

The key changes are as follows:

Camp Session Status Confirmation

At the start of July, the City of Pickering made the announcement they were cancelling all user permits for all their facilities until at least Sept 1/20. This meant that Greenwood (Act One's normal camp location) would no longer be available for use during 2020. This announcement came too late for us to be able to react in time for Sessions I and II (in July), but we were able to adapt things to permit Sessions III and IV (in August) to continue.We were not able to fully confirm August sessions until later, due to us having to address a number of other issues that also arose early in July.

To address all this uncertainty, Act One implemented the following process:

Act One hopes this information proves helpful for many. We look forward to being able to provide more information and certainty in the near future.