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Act One: 25 "Dramatic" Years

Posted: May 1, 2020.

2020 marks the Act One School of Drama's 25th anniversary of providing drama programs to Durham time flies!

To celebrate this milestone, and to hopefully bring back some enjoyable and nostalgic memories, we will be taking a journey through the years, via the school's Facebook page, by posting slideshows, videos and short films from all the student performances, camp sessions, special events and other student activities over the years. It is our hope this will provide many current and former students and their families with some fun "blasts from the past", that help lighten up the days over the coming weeks, expecially while we all deal with the COVID-10 pandemic.

Starting Thursday, April 30th, each day, the school will be posting one or more slices of the school’s history in chronological order from the distant past, working our way back, year by year, to the present.

To help anyone curious as to which years we will be presenting and roughly when this will happen, here is a rough posting schedule

25 "Dramatic" Years Posting Schedule
Note: Dates are subject to change
School Year Posting Date Range
2005-06 April 30th
2008-09 May 1st to 3rd
2009-10 May 4th
2007-08 May 5th to 6th
2009-10 May 7th to 8th
2010-11 May 9th to 13th
2011-12 May 14th to 23rd
2012-13 May 23rd to June 2nd
2013-14 June 3rd to June 12th
2014-15 June 13th to June 20th
2015-16 June 21st to June 28th
2016-17 June 29th to July 7th
2017-18 July 8th to July 16th
2018-19 July 17th to July 24th
2019-20 July 25th to July 31st


[1]. A school year is defined as July of one year to June of the next.

[2]. Some events have no video or photo records remaining for a variety
of unfortunate technical reasons. Act One apologies to the studnets, campers
and their families who may be disappointed by these ommisions.

If you are interested in checking these out or following our page to get immediate notification when a specific year is being featured, please visit the school Facebook page.